Bologna was next stop from Venice because I had few more days free I decide to use them for little bit travel in Italy.

I arrived there Sunday evening. Weekend in Venice was awesome but made me so tired, so after I arrived at my AirBnB which was really close to the station, my program just took a shower and go sleep.

In Monday morning I wake up really soon, and I was so happy about it because the city was so quiet and empty. So it’s advice for you if you really want to enjoy Italian city do it in morning!

On a start just a few words about Bologna. Bologna is a historic capital city of the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy. It is the seventh most popular city in Italy.
Bologna has earned various names, but La Rossa (the red), La Dotta (the learned) and La Grassa (the fat) are the most common nicknames of Bologna. All these names ring true because Bologna is the kind of city where you can stroll under the graceful porticoes of terracotta medieval buildings, visit the oldest university in the world and feast like a Roman emperor.

For me the best part of Bologna was food. 😀 I’m not proud of it, but the thing is, I’m nature person. That isn’t mean I’m not enjoying historical cities in Italy, but they aren’t mine priorities, and also they aren’t places which I need to visit again.

So an article about Bologna will be just short, and with recommendations just for the most awesome places.
First here are places which I visited after my research in google, Bassilica san Francesco, Piazza Maggiore, Basilica di San Petronio, Chiesa di Santa Maria della Vita, Torre Degli Asinelli, University of Bologna, Complesso delle Chiese di Santo Stefano, Piazza San Domenico.
I was the most excited for Torre Degli Asinelli, but with my luck for sure it was close, and it will be close to July 2017 so if your biggest reason why you want to go there is Torre you should plan this trip after July. But if you already planned this trip, don’t worry you can go to panoramic view to Basilica di San Petronio which I highly recommended.
Another places which I recommended to see are Piazza Maggiore and Chiesa di Santa Maria della Vita.


Basilica di san Petronio


Complesso delle Chiese di Santo Stefano


How I already mentioned, my favorite part in Bologna was food. Bologna is specialized to Tagliatelle di Ragu, Lasagne Bolognese or Tortellini in Brodo. As a starter is a typical Mortadella (ham) as a mouse with a bread, or just fresh with prosciutto, parmesan.
I wanted to go to Trattoria di Rosso for lunch because I read so many references for that restaurant how much is that good. But when I arrived at that street there are so many beautiful small restaurants, but Trattoria di Rosso I had like the less the interior. So I choose Trattoria Montanara, and the decision was the best! The food was amazing, I didn’t believe the Tagliatelle di Ragu can be that delicious! I don’t have the right word to explain how amazing it was, you really have to try it, Bologna!


Are you hungry? Bologna is a place where you want to be right now!


Basilica di San Petronio



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