We are the average of the five people who surround us.

I heart this sentence few times, but never really think about it, because I didn’t believe that. I alway said that it’s not true, I am me and I’m always the same and it doesn’t matter who is around me.

Well, today when I was cleaning my board in Pinterest, I found there so many pins with wedding dresses, rings, flowers and I don’t know what else. I just looked at that and start thinking why I have it there, definitely not because I planned a wedding or wanted a wedding. I save it because one year before when I lived in Utah with Mormon family, I participate in few weddings, and people who were around me were most of the time young people who planned wedding and kids and that make me to start think about my wedding, house, kids and all of this stuff which never came to my mind before, which was ok because I definitely don’t need to think about it now or anytime soon.
I had these things in my head because I change place and importantly people who were around me. If I will be in the Czech Republic and never won’t leave, this never will come to my mind. And probably I will be just sitting in a pub and thinking about, which kind of beer I want to drink tonight. Which also wasn’t activity how I truly want to spend my free time.

But I actually never realize that before, always when those people were around me I always thought this is me, this is who I’m, this is what I want to do. I liked that in that specific moment.

But now, after a long time, I don’t have around me people who are really close to me. So I’m most of time alone and this moment I found out which activities really make me happy. I mean, I knew that hiking, photography, writing and especially time spent in nature is the thing which I love and which makes me happy, but I never found people who are on the same way as me, so I always choose another activity which my friends wanted to do, usually went for coffee, drink, shopping or something what I also like but not make me so happy. Because I thought that it’s better to do something with people who I love than do something that I love but do it just alone. No, this is not true at all!
On Saturday I went on a hike, it was my first hike since I’m here. I was so exciting, like a small kid for Christmas or chocolate.

Easily I was so happy, so I realize that better to do something that you love and do it alone, then do something with people who you like, but not make you happy.

That definitely not mean, you will be alone all the time. I believe that one day I will found people who love the same things like me, but for now, I will spend my days in nature and nights with my friends in the pub. You always can find balance in things which you prefer and people who you love. You don’t have to choose, you just have to do right decision, and you can have (you can do) whatever you want.

I lived in 3 countries and I always was a little bit different, it’s just small things, nothing that really changes who I’m.
But now I feel so happy that I really found myself, my priorities.

So just stop for a second, take time just for yourself and think about if what you do is really the thing what you want to do.





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